US Tour 2018 is held in NY on October 13 & 14

New York, USA, September 1st, 2018- This is a unique opportunity to find the deeper powers within ourselves and learn the life transforming method directly from Yogmata and Pilot Baba, the two Himalayan Siddha Masters who appear in public, as they rarely conduct these programs to the public.

They welcome everyone, regardless of fitness level or yoga experience.

Special Darshan of the two Siddha Masters
When you are in the presence of a Himalayan Siddha Master, you receive the special blessing called anugraha, which has a profound transformational effect and helps raise your consciousness.

Through the master’s gaze, presence beside you and physical touch as well as through the words of love and wisdom written in the Master’s books, through the very words from the Master, a blessing occurs. Even though you do not feel the blessing, their blessing penetrates deep inside you like a laser beam. So something starts to change within yourself, when you meet the Siddha Master.

Meditaion Workshop

Although there are countless supreme techniques in the Himalayan Siddha Meditation, what plays the most important role in our practice is the blessing from Yogmata and Pilot Baba. In our workshop, they guide by intuition what attendees need on the day of the program. Please come with an empty mind and enjoy the blissful blessing from the two masters.

Special Initiation(Diksha)
Diksha is a spiritual initiation, which connects you to supreme conscious energy through a Siddha Master. A special anugraha blessing given by a Siddha Master will transform you immediately.

From confusion, you will be reborn to a person whose everything is exquisitely balanced and be enable to live a creative and fruitful life. Therefore, to realize a true evolution, Diksha is strongly recommended to help you to remove the Karma from past lives and awaken the splendid divinity within you.


Saturday October 13
Darshan 10:30am – 12noon Fee: donation
Meditation Workshop 2pm – 5pm Fee: $150
Sunday October 14
Darshan 10:30am – 12noon Fee: donation
Special Inititaion(Diksha) 2pm – 5pm Fee: please inquire


New York Hilton Midtown

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