A Pilgrimage from You to Your Self

What is commonly referred to as yoga, or essential yoga, has become very popular because of the physical postures and poses, or asanas, that it involves, which are considered valuable tools for maintaining health and beauty.

Actually, however, yoga is more concerned with mental and spiritual well-being than physical activity. It is a practical teaching, through which you can come to know your true Self, go back to the infinite origin, and attain a state of Oneness with the Godhead. To reach that state, you first need to clear out the darkness that is inside you, remove the ego, and eliminate all negative thoughts and energy that are clouding your mind. For this, meditation is required.

Thus, asana is not essential yoga, but a preparation for one’s progress along the path of true yoga. Yoga of Himalayan Siddha Masters is the true yoga that will lead you to enlightenment through physical practices, mind purification and self-Awareness. It is based on the wisdom of the ultimate experience of samadhi, or true enlightenment.

Pilot Baba and Yogmata Keiko Aikawa can guide you to true yoga, Yoga of Himalayan Siddha Masters, which will purify and arrange your inner energy, and remove the unnecessary. As a result, your mind and soul will be filled with love and peace. You will experience the tranquility, purity, and energy that you would find in the Himalayas.

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