Siddha Masters


Maha Avtar Baba Hari Baba
Pilot Baba Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

Who are Siddha Masters?

Among the Himalayan sages, quite a few attain the ultimate state of samadhi, which is the same as realizing the brahman-atman identity and unity, a state of Oneness with the Godhead.

Such individuals are called Siddha Masters, and they serve as a bridge linking human beings to God. Through the special grace that their pure and powerful energy (anugraha) bestows, they can purify and transform human beings at the atomic light level.

Siddha Masters tend to live in seclusion, deep in the Himalayas, their whereabouts often not known. Many never leave these places or mix with people and, often, even when people are nearby, there is no contact unless the masters will it.