US tour in October

New York, USA, July 30th, 2014 Siddha Master Yogmata and Pilot Baba visit New York and Santa Monica in October and hold workshops for seekers in the US. This is a rare opportunity to receive the special blessing of the Himalayan Siddha Masters, which enables the impossible into possibility.If you start to put into practice these secret teachings, you will be able to expedite restoring your true, pure selves.

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Yogmata’s book is published by Kodansha USA.

New York, USA, May 20th, 2014- Siddha Master Yogmata’s first translated book “The Road to Enlightenment” is going to be published by Kodansha USA.
The book offers readers Yogmata’s wisdom and insights without their having to undergo the rigorous ascetic training that she went through.
In this book, Yogmata shares her own experiences and the wisdom she’s gained from her forty-five-year study of yoga, meditation, and healing arts. Her hope is that readers will find answers to their questions about how to live a true and happy life in the spirit of love and peace.

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US tour in June

New York, USA, April 12th, 2014- Siddha Master Yogmata and Pilot Baba visit New York in June and hold workshops for seekers in the US. This is a rare opportunity to meet and receive the special blessing from Himalayan Siddha Masters.
Once you’re blessed with the diksha, you are awarded with a high level of energy initiation, and your body and mind are awakened and purified.

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World Peace Campaign 2013 Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan, Oct 1st, 2013- Prior to the US tour of Pilot Baba and Yogmata, World Peace Campaign 2013 in Tokyo was held in Tokyo on September 29th. This is the 4th annual meeting since 2010 and seekers from all over Japan and from abroad enjoyed the blessing of the two Siddha masters. In the afternoon special workshops were held after two Siddha masters left the place. Although two masters were absent as a physical body, participants felt continuously the strong warm energy from the two masters during the workshops and experienced the love and compassion of the Himalayas.

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Yogmata’s Darshan at Spiritual Source Center on October 5

Los Angeles, USA, September 26th, 2013- Siddha Master Yogmata presides Darshan on October 5th at the Spiritual Source Center in Venice, California. When you share the same time and space with the Siddha Master, you’ll receive a special blessing, Anugraha from her presence, her gaze, and her words of love and wisdom. You will be healed, relax and achieve inner peace thanks to the blessing of Yogmata.

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