World Peace Campaign:Prayer with Great Himalayan Saints on Sunday 24th September

World Peace Campaign in Tokyo

From Your Internal Peace to World Peace!

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa, a leading master of meditation who presented a message for world peace at the United Nation.
Pilot Baba, a highly regarded great saint from India.
This is a special occasion, when two of the Himalayan Great Saints in the world today, will join together, make speeches and pray for world peace with you.
You will discover your true hope: love and peace, will begin to spread out across the world.


◆Date: Sunday 24th September 2017

1st part : 12:00~ Darshan with Great Himalayan Saints

2nd part: 14:30~ Meditation Workshop for Healing the World

14:30~16:30 WS1 Kriya

17:00~18:30 WS2 Kripa

◆Venue: Tokyo
Please inquire, or make a reservation, for further details.

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