What makes their techniques, teachings unique, different from other forms of yoga?

There are many forms of yoga, many styles of yoga, many so called gurus and masters in the world. What is unique about Himalayan teachings is the blessing of the Himalayan Siddha Masters. As this special blessing works in addition to the sacred Himalayan techniques, their teachings is regarded as Ultimate Yoga. This blessing causes the instantaneous transformation people have never experienced.

A blessing is a benefit, a godsend, a benediction from the source of life and the universe. It is the driving force that enables all living matter including human beings to live. But because it is beyond the comprehension of modern science, we live without being so conscious of it. By becoming one with the source of life through achieving Samadhi, Yogmata Keiko Aikawa and Mahayogi Pilot Baba have become the person who is able to give us blessings. This blessing penetrates deeply through our body and has power to transform, and revitalize people. read more

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