When you are in the presence of a Himalayan Siddha Master, you receive the special blessing called anugraha, which has a profound transformational effect and helps raise your consciousness. The value of this blessing is completely different from that received from ordinary ascetics, even though they can bless you with grace through darshan.

Through the master’s gaze, presence beside you and physical touch as well as through the words of love and wisdom written in the Master’s books, through the very words from the Master, a blessing occurs.



Kriya means action. Energy is occurred from action, and Light is generated. We produce energy from action, and consume it. The Himalayan Siddha Masters surpassed death, reached the ultimate state of samadhi, and understood everything completely.

Anugraha kriya, which is generated from wisdom at the level of a state of samadhi, can purify step by step, and sequentially the deep part of mind and body, and purify all memories from past lives called Karma, and revive whole cells in the body, make reborn.

This is one of the methods by which one is introduced to meditation. This workshop brings you profound cleansing and transformation by the help of anugraha, a special blessing from the supreme consciousness as well as the secret technique among Siddha Masters.

This is the one we recommend to you who have participated in various seminars and training, but who have not been able to feel and realize feedback so far.

* Those who attend the anugraha kriya workshop after that for darshan should note that the effect of the kriya will be accelerated. Thus it is strongly recommended that you register for both workshops.



Diksha is a spiritual initiation, which connects you to supreme conscious energy through a Siddha Master. A special anugraha blessing given by a Siddha Master will transform you immediately.

There are several kinds of Diksha, and when you receive each initiation, this ceremony of purification, the love like that of Jesus Christ and compassion and wisdom like that of Lord Buddha springs forth from within you. From confusion, you will be reborn to a person whose everything is exquisitely balanced and be enable to live a creative and fruitful life.

Therefore, to realize a true evolution, Diksha is strongly recommended to help you to remove the Karma from past lives and awaken the splendid divinity like that of Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha within you.

Given that generally one does not have the opportunity to meet, or even see, the Siddha Masters in the Himalayas, this is an opportunity that should not be missed. It is God’s gift to you.

“Just come and join in. You do not have to practice; you just have to be present and BE WITH YOURSELF.”
Mahayogi Pilot Baba

“May you realize what a wonderful being you are, and may your life be filled with inner love, gratitude, and peace.”
Yogmata Keiko Aikawa

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