Pilot Baba and Yogmata Keiko Aikawa have demonstrated the state of samadhi, for the purpose of inspiration and the spiritual advancement of Truth. Samadhi is the highest accomplishment of meditation, in which one experiences the incorruptible nature of one’s spirit, and perceives and begins to understand the duality of corruption and incorruption.

When you attain samadhi, you become disconnected from everything—from your usual methods of communication, the energy you habitually use to function, your systematic methods of organization, your coordination, your ability to cooperate. You neither die nor sleep; you are simply made to relax.

Samadhi can liberate you, making you understand that you are not a body. You will not just know this intellectually, but will have a practical understanding of samadhi.”
     Mahayogi Pilot Baba

Samadhi is the merging of the Self with the Supreme Self, the peace that transcends body and mind. Samadhi is not only enlightenment and realization, but transcends both enlightenment and realization.”
     Yogmata Keiko Aikawa