What do you mean by “Anugraha”?

Question:What do you mean by “Anugraha”?

Yogmata:Anugraha is the grace of God. It is the power of God, a secret energy coming from the higher consciousness, the supreme existence who created everything including human beings. If one expresses it scientifically, it is known as atomic power but in fact, it is something greater than this.

Himalayan Siddha Masters are able to draw this Anugraha power from the supreme consciousness. If one undergoes training with a Himalayan Siddha master, we not only learn the techniques of the practice but we are also influenced by the power of Anugraha thus we will be purified from within and transformed immediately.

Ordinary gurus or people known as masters are not able to connect with the power of Anugraha. 

Even if one learns the ascetic practices of the similar teachings, rites and techniques, the effect would not be the same and only limited as when receiving Anugraha.

If you continue to learn the true teachings of a Himalayan Siddha Master, you will become acutely aware of the difference when practicing the training along with Anugraha.