What are the most important things to do in practicing ascetic training?

Question:I have very strong habits and feelings. In order to dissolve them and to become truly free, what are the most important things to do in practicing ascetic training?

Yogmata:If you truly complete your training, you can obtain a state of having an empty mind and be flat, become a person whose emotion is not stirred by the internal and external environment. In the middle of spiritual training, some people can become psychic as well. When one is making an effort to feel something, there is also a danger,for instance of taking in various things. I think that the world is flooded with methods of dangerous meditation because there is a general demand from people to obtain special abilities. But there is also a danger of people who gain special abilities as such,becoming too sensitive that they become too judgmental, or become too nervous, or their mind sees too much.

So, it is important to dissolve these phenomena from occurring with Anugraha, an energy of a higher state as well as to keep continuing to have faith. Also, you can dissolve them when you go onto a deeper ascetic training such as participating in a training camp. You can then become freer from your mind. This is the authentic way towards Samadhi.

One can truly be free when he goes through his training faithfully. If one puts a profound trust at a deeper level, you will connect with this energy. Turning a deaf ear to your mind, one unites with God and become unified with your true self. This is what is known as “surrender”. Already in this place, there is an energy of a higher level to which we can put trust to and make a connection.

Even so, we need to practice ascetic training since in our past lives, we have accumulated many things. So also in that sense, faith is quite important. This teaching does not instruct one to make an effort through your mind and be at a place of peace.
It is a teaching of transforming one self into a totally different quality of person by burning off completely everything within you.

Even for Buddha, it required seven years for him to achieve enlightenment. There are several levels of the state of having an empty mind which you go through while continuing your training. Once you start meditating, your life will be easier than before so offer your gratitude to this and it is important to keep continuing to meditate.