I cannot save any money since I squander it with what I like.

Question: I cannot save any money since I squander it with what I like. What should I do?

Yogmata: Pour your energy to create inner stability

Many have an excessive attachment towards money. People think that by buying items, they will find satisfaction and happiness but for the most part, it merely satisfies their senses and their minds and is in fact, an illusion conceived by their egos.

When you purify your mind and deepen your awareness, you will come to notice “what’s really important” to you.

When you acquire what you want, your mind may be satisfied temporarily but, in most cases, it won’t last long. Before long, your desire will once again, be asking for something else. Instead, by polishing your mind and becoming one that personifies peace, applying your energy towards becoming fulfilled within, your urge to impulsive buying will decrease or you will acquire the ability to shop wisely or economize better.

By heightening your mental strength through meditation practice, you will be able to manage your mind and body, and your money in a more effective manner. Even with the same money that you use, you will be able to spend it in a more conscious manner for the sake of helping many and as a result, it will attract even more wealth over to you.