Truth transcends worldly rules. Thus you should be yourself. Be a witness, a sakshi, to what is happening and slowly you shall be able to unveil the secrets of your life. You will understand that you are the cause of whatever happens to you.

We are born to die. Anything that is physical must disappear. The five elements merge into their original form when we die. You should understand the coordination and cooperation involved in life, and why there is suffering; it is because we do not believe in ourselves.

Learn to understand the meaning of “I AM.” Observe life and develop your self-Awareness.
You cannot attain self-realization by helping others. First you should help yourself. Only then will you attain self-realization and be able to help others. We determine our own destiny; it is not determined by God, a master, or a super being.

The secret of life lies in unraveling the spiral of life and returning to the source.

Mahayogi Pilot Baba