Pure Love


Pure love is meditation, silence. Pure love creates liking, which can exist only if there is pure love. Pure love is the language of the heart.

Logical thought comes from the head. There is always confusion about matters of the
head versus those of the heart. Both mind and heart cause misunderstandings, and love that is just an emotion is not pure love, which cannot be the product of emotions. Pure love is an expression of your being.

You must understand the difference between love and emotion. You are caught up in
emotion, because you are taught to be emotional. You must release your love from the grip of emotion, which is connected to the mind and the body and is not innate love but, rather,
something created, with no path to your heart, but only to your mind.

Unless you have pure love, you cannot remove emotion and, in turn, cannot find the path
to your being. I am here to lead you; I am wisdom and love to you, and will be the path to
your pure love. Use me to measure your genuine pulse of life.

Truth, reality, is what everyone experiences each day. You just have to be what you are.
You need nothing—you simply have to let go of what you are not. Be naturally innocent, which will enable you to be naturally playful.

You should not be serious; neither should you pretend or try too hard. Just let things
happen. Simply be a human being. Have some sense of humor, laugh and smile.

You can see trees, flowers and seeds grow. After the flowers come the fruits and then the
seeds. Everything that exists is moving in a circle. The earth, moon, sun, stars and planets
move in a circle and converge at the center.

Reality is continually changing; it is in the here and now. It cannot be tomorrow, nor can it
ever come back, since if something is dead, it has disappeared. What is alive is in the moment. Your freedom is now. Let self-Awareness respond to the ever-changing reality.

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa